Breast lift or Mastopexy : Comprehensive Reviews & Costs

Breast lift known as mastopexy, is a surgical procedure that aims to lift and reshape sagging breasts for a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance. We at Mdyana are here to help you get more information and choose the best hospital and doctors for breast reduction surgery.

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When we talk about Breast lift price is the most talked about a factor. Breast lift istanbul price and Breast lift Turkey price structure mainly depends on the patient. There is no fixed price of treatments and each plan differs from the oher.

Many countries in the world offer this breast surgery but there are very few that offer affordability as well as the latest technology.


What is a breast lift (Mastopexy)?

Breast lift enhance your appearance as the breast is considered as the symbols of femininity most of the time and more beautiful breast give more self-esteem of an individual. Breast lift  is a common Breast surgery and intro in wikipedia compeletly.

In this aesthetic breast operation, the breast is raised and firmed by removing extra skin that may have stretched over time and tightening the surrounding tissue to better support your nipples and areolas, reshape breast to a more rounded appearance, support the new breast contour and make breast higher on your chest, more symmetrical or identical to each other and reduce the size of areola and make it face forward rather than downward.

Why do people get breast lift surgery? Why is breast lift procedure done?

A woman’s breasts often change over time, a decrease in breast tissue, lose elasticity and breast sag, droop or stretch cause cosmetic problems for women. Why these changes happen depend on many factors, some includes:

  • Aging and hormonal changes
  • Pregnancy
  • Breastfeeding
  • Heredity and genetic factors and congenital weakness of the ligaments that sagging begins at early age
  • Weight fluctuations (frequent weight gain and loss) or after stomach (bariatric surgery) surgery
  • Gravity
  • Lifestyle habits (e.g. smoking)

Breast prolapse can be mild to severe and the surgery is planned according to the degree of sagging.

Breast prolapse has 3 stages:

  1. The nipple is slightly below the inframammary line
  2. The Nipple is 1-3 cm from the inframammary fold line
  3. The nipple is more than 3 cm below the lower fold of the breast

What are the advantages of mastopexy?

Breast lift has many benefit and advantages; some are:

  • gives your breasts a younger appearance
  • delivers natural-looking results
  • can eliminate sagging
  • can relieve chronic skin infections
  • can boost self-confidence
  • Better fit of clothes

What are the risks or complications of a breast lift procedure?

The decision to have plastic surgery is extremely personal and as breast lift is a surgical procedure, it can come with risks and possible complications; some are:

  • Anesthesia risks, like nausea, vomiting
  • Breast asymmetry, Breast contour and shape irregularities
  • Changes in sensation (breast skin, nipples or areolas) which may be temporary or permanent
  • Partial or total Loss of nipple or areola
  • Infection
  • Bleeding or blood clots or hematoma formation and Deep vein thrombosis
  • Pain or swelling that lasts longer than expected
  • fat necrosis (Fatty tissue found deep in the skin might die)
  • Damage to nerves, blood vessels, muscles or organs
  • Scarring, rippling or discoloration of the skin
  • Possibility of recurrent surgery
  • Abnormal scar tissue formation

From What Age Can Breast Lift Surgery Be Performed?

It can be performed from the age of 18, but it should consider that life events like future pregnancy, breast feeding or weight fluctuations, can negatively affect your results.

What happens before breast lift surgery? How prepare for Breast Lift Operation?

After you decide to perform a breast lift you should visit the doctor or you can get online consult with our doctors in mdyana, some examinations are performed to decide whether it is an option for you:

  • A complete health and past medical history
  • A physical exam by a professional doctor
  • Necessary laboratory tests
  • Necessary radiology studies
  • A mammography if you are older than 40
  • Anesthesiologist consult

After all this evaluation you will be asked to quit smoking, stop using alcohol and stop medication (all the prescribed or herbal products and supplements) that may increase the risk of bleeding.

You should better talk to your surgeon before surgery and discuss your exceptions from it.

What happens during mastopexy?

A breast lift or mastopexy is done under general anesthesia and you will not be conscious during the surgery which last almost 2- 3 hours.

Your expert plastic surgery team lift the breast tissue and shape all of them to improve breast contour and firmness and the sagging is eliminated, nipple areola (the brown area around the nipple) are repositioned to a natural, more youthful height or enlarged areolas are reduced by excising skin and remove the extra breast skin to make better the elasticity of the breast. Finally, the incision is stitched and the operation is completed

What happens after breast lift surgery? What is breast lift recovery like?

After the surgery is completed dressings or bandages will be applied to the incisions to minimize swelling and support your breasts and you stay in recovery room for almost 1 hour to recover from anesthesia and when your vital sign is stable you will be sent to the ward, you usually do not need to stay at hospital and you are discharged within the same day. You get help to walk and get mobilized and may give pain killer drugs.

After discharge from hospital you may feel pain, notice swelling in the breast or bruising in the breast skin which are all expected symptoms and may last for several weeks.

But if there is redness, hotness in the incision line, fever, chest pain, bleeding, uncontrolled pain, Nausea or vomiting or dizziness you should contact your surgeon immediately as they can be the sign of infection.

Bandages placed after the surgery will be removed 1 or 2 days after surgery by your plastic surgeon and then you need to wear sports bra almost for 4 weeks to support the breasts.

A breast lift result will be evident soon after the surgery. However, it takes some time to achieve final volume and shape of your breasts.

What does a breast lift incision look like?

Incision types include: Crescent, Donut, Vertical or lollipop lift, Inverted T or anchor which the type of incision depends on may factors for example breast size and shape, elasticity of the skin, breast sagging, areolae size and place.

But it is important to know that the scar tissue that forms along the incision line will fade over time, but its color will never be identical to your skin tone.

How much does a breast lift cost?

The cost varies according many factor for example size and shape, sagging and the surgical technique, therefore get contact with us for information.

CountryEstimated breast augmentation Price
Turkey$4,000 – $6,500
Thailand$6,000 – $8,000
india$4,000 – $6,500
Canada$7,500 – $10,000
UAE$7,500 – $9,000
United kingdom$8,000 – $9,000
How much Breast augmentation cost ?


Will a breast lift procedure change the size of my breasts?

The size of breast usually doesn’t change It just look fuller, rounder, more symmetric and better in a bra. So if you are not happy with size of your breast you should choose breast augmentation or breast reduction surgery.

When can I go back to work and other activities after breast lift?

You can return to daily life a few days after surgery, start to work in 3–7 days, hike after 2 weeks, run after 3-4 weeks, start to sports using arms after 4-5 weeks, drive a car after 7 days.

How long will the results of a breast lift last?

It last for several years but life events like weight change, aging, pregnancy or taking some hormonal medication can affect the result. So eat healthy and maintain the weight and healthy life style can help to increase the time.

Can I Breastfeed After Breast Lift Surgery?

Mastopexy does not usually prevent or limit breastfeeding ability but to protect the mammary glands and milk ducts for breastfeeding you should ask your surgeon before the surgery for techniques that affect the ducts and gland less.

Can breast lift and breast augmentation be done together?

It can be done in some cases but not all the patient, your surgeon is the best guide for you for making the best surgery plan.

Is there non-Surgical breast Lift possible?

The answer is a big no, the only treatment method for loosened mammary ligaments is surgery and neither sport neither specials bra and outfit can treat the sagging of the breast.

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