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Turkey’s healthcare landscape is home to exceptional hospitals that boast modern facilities, advanced technology, and highly experienced staff. These hospitals cater to the healthcare needs of both local residents and medical tourists, offering a high standard of care. The quality of healthcare in Turkey is upheld through rigorous monitoring by the Turkish Ministry of Health, ensuring that both public and private healthcare institutions meet stringent standards. Additionally, esteemed organizations like the Turkish Accredited Hospitals Association (TAHA) play a pivotal role in maintaining globally recognized standards in JCI approved Turkish hospitals. Turkey’s healthcare system stands out due to its exceptional medical staff, with over 40% of professionals having received training in renowned countries such as the USA and UK.

In recent years, Turkey’s healthcare system has undergone a remarkable transformation. Just a decade and a half ago, the country faced significant challenges, including a high infant mortality rate of 26 per 1000 live births and a large portion of the population lacking health insurance coverage. To address these issues, the Turkish Government, in collaboration with the World Bank, launched the Health Transformational Program. This initiative brought about significant changes and improvements in the healthcare sector. By establishing Public-Private Partnerships (PPP), the government invited private entities to develop state-of-the-art healthcare facilities across the country. As a result, Turkey now boasts a considerable number of hospitals equipped with world-class diagnostic and treatment capabilities. These advancements have reshaped the healthcare landscape, ensuring accessible and top-quality care for all.

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  • Acibadem Maslak Hospital

    Acibadem Hospital

    Booking Acibadem Hospital 👉 Private hospital 👉 40% offer price 👉 5 city in turkish like Istanbul,ankara,budrum , … Acıbadem…

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